internal & external liquid coating

In our internal coating plant we have the ability to apply various types of liquid coatings, two of which are Baked-onPhenolic Epoxy and Modified Polyurethane. Capabilities through our tubular line include internal coating of tubing, casing, line pipe and drill pipe from 2-3/8” through 20” diameter and in lengths of 26’ through 50’, processing approximately 25,000 Square Feet of coated surface in a 24 hour production day. We are equipped with two sets of tongs at eighter end of the production line cable of bucking couplings off or on in any of the above mentioned diameters. We also have the ability to coat these couplings separately as the pipe is in process. Further internal / external coating capabilities include application of conventional liquid epoxies onto line pipes from 2” to 60” using a semi-automated spray lance system.

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