In-situ rehabilitation of pipes

Al Qahtani Pipe Coating is the first and only to perform pipe line rehabilitation projects in the Middle East. AQPCI developed its own spread of line travel equipment for hydro-blast cleaning, sand pre-blasting, girth blasting, spray coating of the external surface of pipe. Pipelines where tape coatings or similar coatings have failed are field rehabilitated while in service or out of service using in-situ techniques to remove failed coatings like tape wraps or other external coatings and reapplied with liquid coatings like coal tar / polyurethane.

In 1992 AQPCI completed the rehabilitation of a 24 inch diameter 15.6 kilometers section of a Saudi Aramco fuel gas line. In 1993 AQPCI renovated a 5 kilometers section of the 48 inch Saudi Aramco Oil line QJ-3, which was laid in 1962. It was the first time a large diameter pipe line, greater than 42 inch, was reconditioned in place.

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