concrete weight coating

Concrete Weight Coatings are applied to Offshore Pipelines. Concrete Weight Coating on pipes ensures that gas and oil pipelines will not float (negative buoyancy) ones they are installed in sea and protects them against collision damage. To achieve concrete with a high density, iron ore is added. Concrete Weight Coating is always steamcured. This process is not subject to weather conditions.

Concrete coating by compression method is applied to pipe diameters from 3” and up to 60” with coating thickness ranging from 1” to 7” and concrete densities from 140 pounds to 190 pounds per cubic feet. The compression method can apply concrete coating over any type of corrosion coating e.g. FBE, collar and three layer polyethylene or polypropylene. These are essentially applied to add weight to sub-sea or subkha pipelines.

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