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Who we are

Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani Group of Companies established in 1940’s and has been expanded to cover various activities and considered to be one of the largest and most reputable privately owned companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with excellent relationships in both government and commercial sectors.

The name Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Industries (AQPCI) has become a synonymous with Pipelines Corrosion Protection Coatings in this Industry because of its modern Application Technology Operations, continuous Research & Development, a strong Quality Management Program, a dynamic Health & Safety Management Policy and Management vision for Market Growth.

As a known leader in the Industry with Operations since 1945, AQPCI is not only catering to local market demands but has successfully been a Strategic Partner in almost all Mega Prestigious Projects across the Globe with Two Major Production Facilities Strategically Located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Additional Five Storage Locations to support its Operations.

AQPCI has been transformed into a True Market Leader which is fully equipped with Resources necessary to undertake any size of project the Industry may need. AQPCI is building a New Production Site called Site # 7 at Dammam Riyadh Highway. AQPCI Site # 7 shall offer Comprehensive Pipelines Coating Solutions for Onshore & Offshore Pipelines for Oil, Gas & Water Markets under One Roof.

Operational Sites Location:

– AQPCI Site 1 is on the Dammam Khobar Highway, near to Dammam Port

– AQPCI Site 2 is on the Dammam Jubail Highway, Khodariyah

– AQPCI Site 7 is on the Dammam Riyadh Highway

Chairman’s Message

Originally founded by Sheikh Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani in the 1940’s as a wholesaler and supplier of food products and materials, the business has grown and diversified into supplying other industries including petrochemicals and the oil & gas industries. As the need grew for local manufacturing and local products, the Group diversified its activities in the 1950’s to include manufacturing, contracting and services.

Huge investment and facilities in pipe corrosion services, manufacturing of spiral weld steel pipes, water treatment chemicals, nails, galvanized wire manufacturing, industrial and medical gases, water bottling, engineering and construction and bulk food packaging now make up a large portion of the Group’s activities.

Not overlooking the services side of its activities, the Group has ventured into areas such as insurance, travel, tourism, transportation and custom clearance. In order to diversify its investment portfolio in the early 1970’s the Group established an office in Houston Texas to assist the Group in support and business development. Thereafter with the expansion in business activities, other offices were established in Europe and other major Middle East countries.

Pipe Inspection, Environmental Protection Services, exploration of mineral resources, vehicles and machinery and real estate Investment are other areas where the Group has expanded its services and investments. The Group owns vast areas of agricultural land used for farming and raising of various types of livestock and in particular, prized pure bred Arabian horses.

The Group represents major international manufacturers and suppliers and is involved in joint venture investment projects. A staff of highly qualified and dedicated professionals oversees this area of the business with customer service being a priority.

We are focusing our activities to achieve sustainable improvements in the earning power and value of the Group.

With five decades of experience the Group has established itself as a reliable supplier of materials, equipment, engineering services and other products to the major players in the oil, gas, construction, petrochemical, water and power industries in Saudi Arabia and the other GCC member countries.

The skills and talents of our management and employees coupled with our strategy to date, gives me confidence that we will further develop new opportunities for the Group which is proud of its history, but looks forward to a great future.

(Chairman of the Board)
Vision & Mission

To become an excellent supplier and contractor of high-quality products and pilot projects.

We intend to achieve controlled sustainable growth through new product development, market diversification, strategic alliance and international expansion. We will achieve organizational growth by providing a challenging and rewarding work place for our employees, an environment where individual excellence is appreciated and rewarded.

Our group of companies is dedicated to provide better opportunities to our associates through a determined focus on recognizing, understanding, high standards and satisfying their needs, expectations and demands.

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